Islamic Estate Planning and Will Writing

Protect your loved ones with estate planning and a valid will.

The only certainty in life is death. But for many us, we choose to ignore this fact and make little preparation towards our inevitable end.

Will Writing

If you have an opportunity to complete unfinished business before you die, what would it be? One of the last acts that you may want to consider is writing a will, as it can ensure that your loved ones will be taken care of by your estate after your demise.


Have you ever wondered what happens to your assets after you die? How are the assets divided among your family members? What happens in the case of unexpected death where you did not leave a will behind? Your oversight in getting a will written for your estate may result in financial hardship and struggle for your loved ones.


Making a will is a very important step in your financial planning because it protects and takes care of your loved ones in the event of untimely death. It ensures that all your wishes are carried out by your will executor as you desired. A will also make sure that your assets – money, property, possessions will go to the person you intended it to. 


Your will is a crucial piece of your financial planning. Writing a will can seem a daunting task but it is much easier than most people think. Let us guide you through all aspects of estate planning and to prepare you with a will that ensures all your final wishes are properly carried out.


Will writing services are provided by third-party professional advisers and Advisory Group takes no responsibility for the goods and services provided by any third-party to whom clients are referred. In no event shall Advisory Group be liable to you, or any third-party, for direct, indirect or consequential damages, cost or loss of profits arising from your use of third-party referral services. Advisory Group may receive a referral fee from third-party will writers for introductions.

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